New Fishing Lures: Looks like a spinnerbait, but it’s not. It has a pivoting blade: WAY more action on the body than spinnerbaits, equals more attraction, equals more fish that you catch…..

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New Swimbait BlackSilver

The Struggling Shad TwitchBait.

An easy meal for gamefish, cooked with an enticing action they can’t resist. Since 2008.

You get more reaction strikes with the only lure of its kind: A non-jointed, solid plastic hardbait with an up and down body and tail-flipping motion of an injured minnow or baitfish swimming on its side….

Why does this matter to the fish you want to catch?

Aside from the fact that your target fish haven’t seen this type of lure in your waters before, which of itself gives you a big advantage, but the type of action this lure makes is known to trigger reaction strikes from all predatory fish. Even from inactive, lazy ones….

But don’t just take MY word for it….


According to Expert Fisheries Biologists….

In this article excerpt Michael P. Masser, a fisheries biologist at Texas A&M University in College Station says:

[“Beyond a lure’s size, certain characteristics of its motion can attract a fish’s attention. For instance, many successful lures mimic prey that are erratic or hurt.”

That sort of movement frequently seems irresistible to largemouths, agrees Peter Wainwright.

In his lab experiments at UC Davis, bass often ignored live prey that was swimming normally but immediately surged the length of the tank to pounce upon an injured fish.

Peter C. Wainwright and his colleagues at the University of California, Davis have studied the feeding behavior of largemouth bass in their laboratory by examining high-speed video of bass strikes at live prey.

Wainwright and his colleagues  observed that, to conserve effort, bass adjust the speed and strength of their strikes for different prey.

Slow fish such as goldfish don’t elicit strikes that are as fast and hard as those that more-elusive victims, such as shad, provoke. Also, bass strike harder at larger prey than they do at smaller ones.

Stronger strikes are more likely to ensure that the prey doesn’t escape, Wainwright speculates…]

Just How Unique is This Lure Anyway?

First of all, have you ever seen this lure design before? Unless you’ve seen this in the various media sources we’ve been featured in, or unless you purchased from us in the past, you haven’t seen this design anywhere else since it is only available here on this website and nowhere else in the world as of this writing.

And because of the utility-patented tail piece, we hold exclusive rights to this new and unique fishing lure, swimbait; Or twitchbait as we like to call it, since random twitching, jerking, and pausing the bait just under the surface has proven to be more effective at triggering more strikes.

Is it unique? The issued U.S. Patent #7,493,724 speaks for itself and to the unique and exclusive lure action. Which brings me to the next question….


When you see a huge boil on the surface 20 yards away….

Which baitfish would big, lazy predator fish hit first? A fast, super-evasive shad– or an injured baitfish trying to right itself , flipping, wobbling, and spiraling near the surface?

River Small Mouth

Smallmouths Love The Shad.

What do you think would happen if you spied a boil on the surface and you threw the Struggling Shad with a precise cast near the boil, and a couple  seconds later you gave it a twitch and soft jerk?……

…Put it in the livewell….. if the fish are there, they will hit it. We’ve seen it time and time again…

Can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen a fast-moving V-wake of water moving straight at the flipping, fluttering, struggling shad lure…

…And nail it. That instinctive response to a struggling minnow is just too strong to resist.


…What does all this mean for you?

Well, it means nothing to you if you’re content on using the “new” run-of-the-mill swimbaits, crankbaits, or topwater lures made from cheap materials…

…distinguished from others solely by their patterns and sizes and not their action, which most would admit is the most important element of any lure.

What REALLY counts is what it means to the fish you’re trying to catch. What YOU think is PRETTY doesn’t necessarily translate to what the fish want–which is an easy meal cooked from an enticing action that they cannot resist–

–It’s hard-wired into their genetics: the ultra-instinctive eating reaction they have to a struggling, weak baitfish.


But if you’re looking for an edge over your fishing partners…

…Look no further and discover what a few prominent, well-known fishing personalities at ICAST already know about and have in their tackle boxes…

..they were curious enough to stop by our booth– and then stunned by the new design and action– all of them asking for a sample to bring home to their water holes!

Some thought it was a softbait from the video action they saw, until they picked one up, testifying to the extraordinary action our patented piece imparts on a 1-piece hard plastic lure.


tail blade

Found Only Here. US Pat #7493724



and throw it at the next fish that boils at the surface and let me know how you did!

Thanks for your time, and good luck fishing!

Tim G. Peterson, President and Founder,

…As seen in ESPN Outdoors FTR, North American Fishing Club, ICAST New Product Showcase 2008,, Outdoors First Media, and many other fishing media outlets!


North American Fishing Club and Maxota teamed up in the Fishing Club’s Product Field Test Program

MINNETONKA—The Struggling Shad was field tested and field-proven by 225 club members who used the baits fishing all over the country and each member rating the fishing baits on several specs such as fish-catching action, castability, finish, etc…

We received a lot of positive feedback on the originality of the design, and had unanimous votes on originality of lure action. We thank all participating members for the great feedback, and our appreciation extends to the Fishing Club also.

The Struggling Shad lure was awarded the Club’s Seal of Approval as a result of the positive ratings.

Fishing Club

Hand-crafted here in the U.S.A.

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U.S. Patent Number 7,493,724


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