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Unique and New Fishing Baits are Rare These Days

Very Few ‘New’ Fishing Lures are Unique


Are you sick and tired of seeing the same old lures come out every year with the only differences being name, size,  and color?

Without many ( if any) innovative ideas most lure companies  can’t do anything else but change a name here, give a different color there, scale up or down a size, throw some flashing lights on a lure and so on….

How many lure companies out there can claim that their new  swimbaits  are truly unique to the rest of the swim bait lures? How about new crankbaits, spoons,  new spinnerbaits, jigs?

I can tell you one thing for sure is that we wouldn’t be in the fishing lure business if we couldn’t develop, design, and produce new AND unique fishing lures–the market is just too saturated  with the same old baits.

Most companies are working overtime just to differentiate themselves from the others, but the only ones that are somewhat effective are the established giants of the industry such as  Rapala and Berkley ( owned by Pure Fishing).

They’re able to get the word out and gain the ensuing exposure because of their deep pockets, they don’t necessarily need unique products as much as they need the capital for marketing run-of-the-mill products.

So if it’s new lures you’re looking for then stayed tuned to this site and to Maxota LLC where we will be introducing at least 2 or 3 new AND unique lures and different sizes every year for the next 5 years.


New Fishing Lure Released By Maxota Lures

A Brand New Kind Of Fishing Bait and Action


We just unveiled a new fishing lure in the last couple days and you can get more info on it here at our New Fishing Lures page.

These are baits that have our patented device leading the lures rather than trailing, as with our Struggling Shad lure. It’s also a lure that you haven’t ever seen before  since we just now released it to the public and can safely say it is truly a unique lure with a unique swimming bait action.

You can check out our new YouTube video showing both of our new baits catching some real nice fish.

We call the lure the Maxota Bamboozler due to its uncanny ability to fool many types of fish with its new motion, flutter, and clicking sound. The blade in front pivots up and down making the rest of the bait swim with an up and down motion similar to our new Shad swimbaits which swim on their sides imitating the up and down flipping action of a dying minnow or baitfish.

The Bamboozler resembles the profile of an inline spinner such as the popular Mepps spinners, but has a full up and down body movement- in contrast to the bland, straight motion of spinners. Our blade pivots rather than spins, giving the lure an original action.





Original Fishing Lures and Baits From Maxota

Welcome to Maxota Lures. You will find only unique, original, and new lures here at Maxota, all designed around a patented blade and frame that we will be attaching to many diffferent lure types such as plugs, minnow lures,jigs,  spinnerbait style lures and baits,  inline spinner style, topwater lures, swimbaits, and others.

Much more information and fishing lures, both freshwater and saltwater fishing baits will be coming soon, so come back often!

Copyright 2011 Maxota LLC P.O. Box 213 Loretto, MN 55357 Ph. 612-616-8464