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New Fishing Lure Design; Plastic lure construction; Jerk Bait fishing tips; Tips for fishing a Struggling Shad Swim Bait. Also Maxota Lures fishing reports on bass, walleye, pike, trout and other freshwater and saltwater species.

Our patented tail piece creates a life-like, natural struggling minnow motion …the motion is so natural that, at ICAST 2008 –while watching our lure action and motion video– (YouTube video) a very well known fishing personality and former pro thought that the Struggling Shad was a soft bait until he picked one up and found out it was a hard bait with an action “better than most soft swim baits”.

Almost all hard swimbaits that are constructed with multiple joints often fail over time with the wear and tear of fishing. The Struggling Shad has a one-piece plastic lure body with through-wire construction which has proven to be much more durable than normal jointed and frail swimbaits. Hard plastic lures like the Struggling Shad–which is a solid plastic lure–last many years if you don’t lose it on a lunker fish.

Check out this new YouTube video called New Swimbait Fishing Lures from Maxota of a pike slamming one of our new swimming shad lures.

The lure tail is designed to flutter up and down–rather than side to side–and transfer that action to the lure body as it lies on its side. The blade pivots within the space between the two frame appendages and begins to flutter as it is drawn through the water, or when the fishing lure is allowed to sink on slack line.

The body of the minnow lure shimmys up and down as a result of the blade flapping up and down. This is precisely the natural motion which triggers genetic reaction strikes by game fish upon weak, injured, or dying minnows and baitfish.

As a result of the swimming motion of the patented tailpiece, the blade makes contact with the frame emitting a clicking and clacking sound which gets the attention of gamefish. The click and clack of the blade becomes more attractive to fish when the lure is retrieved with an erratic action–a pull-pause-twitch-jerk-pause retrieve. See the lure fishing tips below.

Maxota Lures Fishing Tips

A slow pull/twitch/twitch/pull and pause retrieve is the most effective way to produce that strike-inducing, struggling minnow action and to activate the clacking tailpiece. Cast it out and immediately make a firm pull on the lure as soon as it hits the water, pause it and reel in the slack, twitch it one or two times and make a long pull. Give it slack after the pull, and let the lure flutter down to the desired depth. The fish will hit the lure on the pause or as it shimmys down on slack line with an original swimbait action.

A great topwater technique to draw attention and reaction strikes is to swim the
Shad at a slow steady pace just under the water surface(creating a wake) for a few seconds and then give a sharp jerk of the rod while holding it down near the water. The Shad will pop the water with a loud tail flap on the surface and immediately dive under, and the tail will keep twitching as it slowly sinks.

The Shad can also be used as a buzzbait on the surface. Simply reel the lure to the surface after it lands in the water and use a steady, fast-paced reel to make the tail flap on the surface to create a big wake and a long and loud slurping/popping noise along with a nice rooster tail of water!

Russ Bassdozer was at the New Product Showcase ICAST 2008 and visited our booth as well, here is his take on the Maxota Struggling Shad–if you scroll down his page you’ll see the Maxota section, and he states, in part that the Shad “imitates an injured baitfish struggling on its side” in his ICAST report.

Special thanks also goes out to the guys at TackleTour for stopping by the ICAST booth to inspect our ‘exclusive’ lures. In their article New Motion from Maxota Lures they mention that the “exclusive lure motion…is made possible with the unique tail design.”

Fish haven’t seen this unique action from a hardbait.You won’t find a hardbait with this exclusive
wounded crippled minnow action anywhere else.



  • USA made, Hand poured urethane plastic and hand painted
  • 0.8 oz
  • 4.5 inches long
  • Premium quality treble hook placed on bottom side
  • Heavy duty hook split ring
  • Domed, holographic eyes
  • Epoxy finish
  • Through-wire construction from the tow eye to the hook eye
  • Utility Patented tail construction

Our current fishing reports from freshwater and saltwater fishing lure enthusiasts

So far, the fishing report from fishing tackle testers and paying customers has included the following species of gamefish caught with the Struggling Shad:

  • Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Rock Bass, Northern Pike, Muskie, Walleye, Perch, Bluegill, Crappie, Bullhead, Catfish, Coho Salmon, Steelhead, Redfish, Bonefish, Striped Bass, Peacock Bass

    Eight colors:

  • perch
  • black/silver
  • blue/gold
  • black/gold
  • blue/silver
  • rainbow trout
  • blue/chartreuse
  • red/silver

Pike in Sweden

Pike in Sweden love the Perch pattern. See more photos here.

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