As of January 1, 2015, Maxota Fishing Lures are unavailable to the public as we are in the process of licensing our U.S. utility patent # 7,493,724 to manufacturers who are interested in building a brand new, exclusive product line with our innovative designs.

In addition to the lures below, we have several other lure designs with our patented design which have not been released to the public. For more information on all lures, prototypes, and designs please contact me!

Licensing or exclusive rights inquiries can be directed to tim @ maxota. com

Timothy G. Peterson-President and Founder, Maxota LLC.


ThrobberBait™- $11.95


 Struggling Shad


 Struggling Shad (SS) Patterns:

Blk/Sil shad
SS Black and Silver —                   $14.95

Blk/gold shad
SS Black and Gold–                      $14.95

Blue/gold shad
SS Blue and Gold–                        $14.95

Blue/silv shad
SS Blue and Silver —                      $14.95

SS Perch–                                      $14.95

SS Rainbow Trout–                       $14.95

SS Blue/Chartreuse–                     $14.95